Wide door

Wide door
£30.00 / unit(s)
Price includes VAT, plus delivery

Any shed door can be made into a 'Wide Door'.

The Wide Door is generally up to 36" Aperture but can be made up to 1.00m if required to comply with 'Disabled Access Regulations'.

Look at the photos to see what a Wide Door does to a 6 x 8 Apex front !

Selecting the Wide Door means that your door will be constructed with

  • Doubled Horizontal Door Bracing
  • 15 Inch Galavanised T Hinges
  • 8 Inch Galvanised Padbolt, and
  • the front edge of your floor will be 'Braced' for strength

You are able once the building is erected to 'Cut Out' the bar across the doorway threshold as the door length is increased to close onto your floor edge. This should assist with any items you wish to 'wheel' into the building ie Mowers / Motorbikes etc


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