Animal Housing

Animal Housing

Garden Pleasure are pleased to offer a range of 'Animal Housing' to meet your requirements.

All Garden Pleasure Buildings are constructed using only 'Planed' smooth timbers.

Your Frame is finished at 34mm x 57mm (1 1/4" x 2 1/4").

Our cladding is Tongue & Grooved and available in various thicknesses. Choose from

1. 12.6mm Standard (Ex 16 x 125) ShipLap,

2. 14.6mm 'Thick' (Ex 19 x 125) ShipLap,

3. 19.6mm 'Heavy Duty' (Ex25 x 125) ShipLap

Or for that 'Special' Look

4. 19.6mm 'LogLap' (Ex 25 x 125)

Again all cladding is planed smooth. Standard Shiplap is used in Floors and Roof.

We offer both Field Shelters and Stables.

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Bespoke Animal Housing

Bespoke Animal Housing

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