Our Workshop Buildings are constructed using only 'Planed' smooth timbers.

Your Frame is finished at 34mm x 57mm (1 1/4" x 2 1/4")

Our cladding is Tongue & Grooved and available in various thicknesses. Choose from

1. 12.6mm Standard (Ex 16 x 125) ShipLap,

2. 14.6mm 'Thick' (Ex 19 x 125) ShipLap,

3. 19.6mm 'Heavy Duty' (Ex25 x 125) ShipLap

Or for that 'Special' Look

4. 19.6mm 'LogLap' (Ex 25 x 125)

Again all cladding is planed smooth. Standard Shiplap is used in Floors and Roof.

Our 'Flexible' System of construction allows for customers to place Door and Window 'Features' so that you can effectively 'Create Your Own' Requirements.

Small Workshop

Small Workshop

The Garden Pleasure Workshop automatically includes our 'Extra Height' 2.00m Eaves. This will ensure that you have sufficient Headroom beneath any required Roofing Trusses.

Extra Height Eaves effectively allows you to 'move' your Door / Window Features into positions which best suit your intended location.

Ideal for "that Project".........or to ensure that you can accomodate a workbench in your desired position.

For Buildings up to 18 Foot Length.

Large Workshop

Large Workshop

The Garden Pleasure 'Large' Workshop also includes our 'Extra Height' Eaves at 2.00m.

Internal Space which can easily accomodate 'most' requirements......from Workbenches to Larger Mowers.......and still space to spare!

For buildings up to 30 Foot Length and Beyond!