Important customer information

Abbrieviated Conditions of Trading

Payment Terms

  • All Goods remain the property of Garden Pleasure unitil paid for in full

Garden Access

  • Clear and un-obstructed access is required for the transport of panels to the desired location.
  • Some Panels may be very Long
  • Some Panels may be very Tall
  • Customers are reminded that it is their own responsibilty to ensure that Garden Pleasure are made aware of any access issues which affect our ability to gain access to your base when carrying upright panels
  • Garden Pleasure reserve the right to charge for additional 'Joints' needed to effectively 'break-down' panels to manageable sizes for access.

If you are unsure about access issues please ask for advice before placing any order.

NOTE - Current Charge for additional Joints is £ 15.00 per joint

NOTE - Larger Structures will likely have Joints introduced to ensure safe transport to your location. These joints will already have been costed into the prices shown.

Customers are reminded that any failure in delivery due to access problems will be regarded as their own responsibilty. Where appropriate, a re-delivery charge will be levied appropriate to your location to cover additional costs incurred.

Base Preperations

  • A firm level base (Slabs or Concrete) must be provided.
  • Garden Pleasure accepts no responsibility for building stability where the building is erected on any other Materials.
  • Customers are reminded that the function of Doors and Windows is dependant upon the stability and level base onto which the the building is erected. This is particularly relevant in relation to Door Padbolts and Morticed Lock Function.
  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure that features work in all conditions we cannot accept responsibilty for the correct funtion of Doors and Windows where the base surface provided is not entirely level.

Roofing Integrity

Garden Pleasure use a quality Polyester -based Green Bitumen Mineral Felt which is attached to roof panels using Galvanised Clout Nails.

  • Building Warranty ensures that workmanship when attaching this felt
  • Any defective Workmanship is entirely likely to show in the form of a roof leak "the first time it rains" following erection of your building.
  • Any leaks which appear subsequently will no doubt be for another reason, such as building movement, animal intervention etc. Building Warranty DOES NOT cover such eventuality.

Customers should also note that as a Bitumen-Based Product the roofing materials will have a 'useful-life' which is very dependant upon location of the building. Please consider

  • whether your building is exposed to high winds
  • whether your building is exposed to Tree Branches moving or falling

and any other issues regarding the location of your building which may affect the roof integrity.


Garden Pleasure offer a service of 'over-felting' to all customer purchases which is costed at 'discounted rates'. Please ask for any assistance needed in these circumstances and Garden Pleasure will try as far as possible to assist.

Customers should also note that where delivery only is requested Garden Pleasure do not supply felt adhesive or tacks which will need to be acquired seperately.

Other Building Issues

Customers are reminded that Wood is a natural product and therefore splits, warping, twisting, and cupping are natural defects and must be regarded as an accepted Condition of sale.

Customers should note that the standard treatment is applied to exterior walls only. We do not treat the underside of timber floors where supplied.

Standard Treatment should be considered as providing protection for your exterior timber claddings for no more than the first 3 months following delivery. Advice on future maintenance is available within the Buyers Guide.

Any complaints regarding the goods or service provided must be made in writing within 7 days of delivery. Garden Pleasure benefits from opinions expressed regarding goods and service provided.

We will always welcome your comments - both Good and Not So Good !! This way we are able to find ways to improve our service to customers.