Maintenence tips

Sheds / Workshops / Summer Houses / Garages


Your building is manufactured using Kiln Dried Timbers and therefore the ‘Moisture Content’ of the material is substantially lower than when it was ‘growing on the hill-side’ as a tree.

This ‘reduced’ moisture content needs to be maintained so that your timber building is less likely to suffer from

  • Splits
  • Warping
  • Cupping
  • Twisting

as it encounters the variations of temperature and moisture created by our Climate.

Your building will have been supplied with a ‘starter’ coat of Water-Based Treatment, usually a Golden Brown Colour.

This treatment is designed to afford only a ‘Short-Term’ level of overall protection to the outside of the timber. Your building will therefore benefit from a second and subsequent coating of suitable treatment within the first few months of erection.

There are many types and colours of timber treatments available in the marketplace.

Your local DIY store will likely have a ‘Whole-Aisle’ of products dedicated to the looks and preservation of your timber buildings/ fences.

Garden Pleasure are strictly unable to offer advice regarding which of these products represents the best ‘Value for Money’ in this area.


1)      Spirit-Based Treatments are more likely to have a longer useful lifespan

2)      Water-Based Treatments have a wider variety of available Colours

The most important element is to conduct an inspection of your building on at least an Annual Basis and apply your chosen treatment to all exposed surfaces.

We have been asked many times whether a treatment of the inside of a building is considered important.

In our considered opinion, as people who ‘work with wood’ on a daily basis, we would continue to treat/consider our timbers as somewhat of a ‘Living Thing’ (to coin a phrase !!). With this in mind we consider

  • Living things need to Breathe on the inside, and
  • Living things need to wear a Coat on the outside

Enough said ??