Access Requirements

Your Garden Pleasure building is constructed and transported in the form of panels.

These panels will be constructed to a maximum size which is controlled by the size of the vehicle on which they are to be transported to you.

Upon arrival at your location the panels will need to be carried to the base you have prepared for your building.

These panels can be up to 14ft long and up to 8ft tall when carried up-right !

Garden Pleasure therefore require a cleared and un-obstructed route of access from the truck to the intended location of your building.

Things to look for along this route might include

  • Height Restriction to Gate
  • Height Restriction to Garage / Car Port
  • Height Restriction to Pathways (examples include tree branches / cables / washing line / timber archway etc)

If no suitable route of access is available then Garden Pleasure may require to apply extra charges for suitable ‘Joints’ to be made in panels to keep their size to a smaller scale than is standard for your proposed building.

The current Charge for a ‘Joint’ in any panel is £ 15.00.

Joints consist of the following extra components

  • Extra Frame up-right to split panel where there might otherwise have been only one
  • Extra ‘Strengthening’ up-right on the inside
  • Extra Screws to connect the sections of panel
  • Decorative / Treated Trim to the outside to cover the joint

Larger buildings will automatically have joints along their length. These will likely have been costed into the building automatically.

If you are unsure about whether a joint is regarded as ‘Extra’ then by all means ask !

Garage Roof   -   Please note that Garden Pleasure reserve the right to refuse where customers have access only over the top of a garage roof. Whilst we may have achieved this form of access on many occasions there can be no liability for any damage which occurs as a consequence of this form of access to your garden.

Passing panels ‘over’ an obstacle usually requires additional Man-Power to handle the panels and Garden Pleasure reserves the right to charge for this as deemed necessary.

Finally, where customers have not given due consideration to the means of access for panel carriage Garden Pleasure reserve the right to conduct ‘Kerb-Side’ delivery only of building components. In these circumstances Garden Pleasure will expect Payment in Full and reserves the right to charge as appropriate for any second or subsequent visit deemed necessary in order to complete the supply and erection of your building.