Team Team

The Garden Pleasure Team have collectively well over 100 Years of Experience in this Industry. We have all at some time worked for either a Large Manufacturer or a 'Back Street Shed-Maker'.

There is plenty of experience in doing things the wrong way and our 'Mission' is to provide a 'Pleasure' in our dealings with our customers, from the first contact to the final 'thanks' offered by our customers.

So the phrase goes - "the next time we see your building 'should' be when we are erecting one next door !"

The Team:

Mark Jones, Company Director
Mission “100% customer satisfaction”
Passion “Giving each and every customer the 'Garden Pleasure' Experience in support of their intended project”

David Jones, Company Director Mission "The Money Man" All successful Companies have one of these

Carolyn Reid , "She who MUST be obeyed"
Mission “ensuring that all organising is 'seemless'”
Passion “Lets get it right first questions to be asked”

Julie Idoine, The wife, ensuring that I really DO OBEY ! Taken over the workshop, the Agents, and customer visits...........Guess if it will be me who retires first ??? Hmmmm...I doubt that....


Alex, Delivery and Erection Team Member
Mission “You only learn and advance by involving yourself in the task”
Passion “Ensuring un-rivalled levels of accuracy in all of our products"

Darren, Production Team member

Passions " A Family Man and the Villa...............pretty much on his own here !"

Ade, Delivery and Erection Team member

Dan, Delivery and Erection Team Member

Philip, Production Team member / Delivery Team Member

Passion " The Wolves.................Oh Well !"

Matt, Production Team Member / Delivery Team Member

Passion " His Family and young child..........Good on Him !"

Little Phil, Production Team Member / Delivery & Erection Team member

Mission "Good Communications, Reliable Service, Efficient Working"..........Wait until you meet him...........He's NOT so Little !!

Steve, Production Team Member

Passion " Keeping up with the demand for Doors and his work...Part of the Furniture here !"

Lee, Computer Guru........again it must be said that all successful businesses need one

Why not Guess which one is which ?