Frequently Asked Questions

The Purpose of this section is to Help and Guide you through the sections of the website and to explain what is being offered in each section.

1 The Selection Process

Your first action should be to measure your available space. Garden Pleasure Buildings are described by their 'FootPrint' so this will determine the amount of ground space your building will occupy.

Advice on Base Preperations is available in the Buyers Guide Section

2 The 'Standard' Building

Each item in the website has a 'Standard' Profile so that as a customer you are able to compare Garden Pleasure Pricing with competitors.

A good example of this would be a Standard Storage Shed 6 x 8 which comes Treated, Delivered, and Erected with the following components

  • 12.6mm Fi nished (Ex 16 x 125) Tongue & Grooved ShipLap Claddings (Floor / Walls / and Roof)
  • Standard Framing 34mm x 57mm
  • 1.80m (6ft) Eave(s) - or the lowest roof point
  • 2.00m (6'7") Ridge height (Apex) - this is determined by the size of the building and the need to ensure sufficient slope in the roof to evacuate rainwater effectively
  • 2.00m (6'7") Front Height (Pent) - this also is determined by the size of the building and the need to ensure sufficient angle of slope in the roof to evacuate rainwater effectively
  • 24" (2ft) Door
  • 2 x Fixed Windows

3 Cladding Choice

In the Garden Pleasure Website you are able to select from the following Claddings

  • 'Standard' 12.6mm Finished (Ex 16 x 125) T & G ShipLap
  • 'Thick' 14.6mm Finished (Ex 19 x 125) T & G ShipLap
  • 'Heavy Duty' 19.6mm Finished (Ex 25 x 125) T & G ShipLap, OR
  • 'LogLap' 19.6mm Finished (Ex25 x 125) T & G LogLap

The website will automatically change your price with the requirement selected

4 Flooring Choice

In the Garden Pleasure Website you are able to select from the following Flooring

  • Standard - This is generally Ex 16 x 125 T & G ShipLap set onto floor bearers which are no more than 30cm (1ft) apart
  • Ex 22 x 125 - This is the 'Heavy Duty Option for your floor. The flooring is in principle the same as that used in Floor-Boarding of a house and is also set onto floor bearers no more than 30cm (1ft) apart

5 Extra Height

In the Garden Pleasure Website every building has the option of walls being built taller than the standard shown.

  • Extra Height will add 20cm or 2 extra boards to your building height at the Eave(s)

6 Choosing Extras

Once you have chosen your Footprint Size / Cladding Choice / Flooring Choice / Extra Height you can then add this to your 'Basket' as a completed item.

You are then free to add any specified Extras from the available list presented for your chosen building.

These items will be shown seperately in your 'Basket'.

7 Ordering Your Building

Once you have selected your requirements we have a specialised 'Check-Out Process' within the Garden Pleasure Website.

You will be asked to set up your Account details with Name/Address/ Contact Telephone Number(s) etc

Your completed Order will be sent directly to one of our dedicated Sales Team who will contact you to confirm the details of your order and determine any 'Special Requirements'.

The Garden Pleasure Website will not ask you for any payment before you have been contacted to confirm all details of your order

8 Garden Pleasure Payment Policy

The general rule of thumb here is that upon confirmation of your order you will be asked to make a deposit only payment. This is generally 10% of your order (20% on Larger Buildings).

Payment of your Balance will always be on or before delivery.

Your payment options are as follows:-
1) Cash on Delivery  -  Balance only
2) Credit/Debit 'Cardholder Not Present' transaction - Card must be registered to the delivery address
3) Cheque in Post  -  In Advance  -  to Garden Pleasure 4-6 Rufford Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 7NE

4) BACS (Internet Banking) Transfer  -  Sort Code 30-94-70 A/c 25414168