All Garden Pleasure Buildings are constructed using only 'Planed' smooth timbers.

Your Frame is finished at 34mm x 57mm (1 1/4" x 2 1/4").

Our cladding is Tongue & Grooved and available in various thicknesses. You can from

1. 12.6mm Standard (Ex 16 x 125) ShipLap,

2. 14.6mm 'Thick' (Ex 19 x 125) ShipLap,

3. 19.6mm 'Heavy Duty' (Ex25 x 125) ShipLap

Or for that 'Special' Look

4. 19.6mm 'LogLap' (Ex 25 x 125)

Again all cladding is planed smooth. Standard Shiplap is used in Floors and Roof.

Our Standard Garden Office is designed to keep out the rigours of the British Weather both in terms of Winter Cold and of course the intense heat of Summer.

All Office designs have a wall profile consisting of

  • Outside chosen Cladding
  • Breathable Felt Membrane (for Water-Tight Confidence) attached to
  • Building Frame, which then has
  • 30mm Polystyrene Sheeting to Wall Voids, and finally
  • second internal cladding with Ex 16 x 125 ShipLap Cladding

The building shape is entirely 'Flexible' in that you can have

  • Shed Doors / Window Features
  • Summer House Features
  • or move up to Bespoke items such as UPVC doors / windows

All choices will be dictated by your available 'Budget' and we can meet most requirements with a building which will adequately meet your 'Outdoor Working' expectations.

Please Select Below

If your Requirement is not shown by all means look in our 'Bespoke' Section for a building style you like

or call on 01384 440015


Converted Shed or Workshop

Converted Shed or Workshop

This Option takes a standard shed or workshop and upgrades to include the necessary items for a Garden Office

Converted Summer House

Converted Summer House

This option takes a standard Summer House design and upgrades to inlcude the necessary items for a Garden Office

UPVC Garden Office

UPVC Garden Office

This option takes a standard Garden Pleasure Structure design and introduces UPVC Features such as Single Door / French Doors / Windows