Planning regulations

Garden Pleasure is pleased to be able to offer a certain level of advice to customers in relation to the Planning Regulations connected with Garden Buildings.

Customers should not treat this information as exhaustive. Additional information can be view at

 Planning Rules describe a Garden Shed as ‘Timber Sectional Building’ or ‘Outbuilding’.

Rules are laid out in National Legislation but customers are required to note that sometimes amended rules apply to Local Authorities in your area


There may be certain Restrictions which apply down to the level of your own property in the form of Covenants which may restrict your ability to introduce a structure to you garden etc

The general purpose of Planning Rules is to ensure that you do not introduce a structure that will

  • impede your neighbours’ enjoyment of their land, or
  • change the appearance of your property when view from the road

You will need planning permission if;

  • The structure is situated forward of the existing house.
  • The structure is more than a single storey structure and have an eaves height greater than 2.50m (and is higher than 4m with a pitched roof or 3m for any other roof).
  • The outbuilding, garage is located beyond the side elevation of the property and faces the highway.
  • The structure is within 2.00m of a boundary, the maximum height of any structure is greater than 2.50m.
  • The structure has a veranda, balcony or raised platform.
  • No more than 50% of the land around the "original house" is covered by additions or other buildings

You will not need planning permission for;

  • ‘Storage’ shed which complies with the above limits
  • ‘Standard’ Summer House with Porch at Ground Level
  • ‘Kennel’ not being used for Commercial Purposes
  • ‘Garden Office’ so long as your use of the premises does not increase the volume of traffic in your area as a consequence of Commercial Purposes