UPVC Garden Office

UPVC Garden Office

Our UPVC Version of our Garden Office is designed to keep out the rigours of the British Weather both in terms of Winter Cold and of course the intense heat of Summer.

All Garden Office designs have a wall profile consisting of

  • Outside chosen Cladding
  • Breathable Felt Membrane (for Water-Tight Confidence) attached to
  • Building Frame, which then has
  • 30mm Polystyrene Sheeting to Wall Voids, and finally
  • second internal cladding with Ex 16 x 125 ShipLap Cladding

Standard Specification

  • Example FootPrint - 3.60m (12ft) x 3.60m (12ft)
  • 2ft Porch making roof 12ft x 14ft
  • Single UPVC Pedestiran Door (complete with Standard Lock Mechanism)
  • 1 Sets UPVC Windows (Double Glazed)
  • Single Roof Truss

Lining and Insulating a building is generally a 2 stage process

  1. Erect the shell of the building
  2. Internal Lining Insulating works undertaken seperately

This gives you an opportunity between visits to undertake a '1st Fix' of electical wiring into the structure so that when complete your wiring is discreetly within the walls.

Upon completion you can then add 'surface mounted' swithes and sockets to your required locations

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This Option includes a Single Pedestrian Door manufactured in WoodGrained UPVC and includes Double Glazing as standard

* Prices include VAT, plus delivery