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8x6 2 Tier Playhouse

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Two Storey Playhouse (Without Verandah)

has an 'Off-Set' Ridge Line which creates a taller interior to the left or right.

This example has 8 x 6 interior and omits porch.

Additional Features

  • 40cm Roof Porch
  • Windows Upstairs and Downstairs
  • 12cm (4 1/2") Treads on stairs (No Ladders)
  • Machined upstairs Ballustrades
  • Perspex Windows complete with Criss-Cross
  • Ring Latch (opens from inside as well as outside) within
  • Stabled Door

The building will be 160cm (5'3") to its lowest eave and rise to an internal ridge height of 220cm (7'3") allowing for headroom in each area of 3'7" in each of the areas.

Please Note this option EXCLUDES the Porch and Ballustrades at Ground Level but retains a small 40cm Porch at Roof Level.

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1 - 1 of 3 results