6x6 Corner Summer House

can be shipped within 10 to 14 days

Price includes VAT, plus delivery

This option requires a Corner Space 'Equal to / or Greater than' a Right-Angle (90 Degrees).

The roof is a 'Pent' Styled Single sloping roof which gently slopes from your doors down to the back corner. Eaves are present on both rear panels.

Standard Specification

  • Double Doors to width 1.22m (4')
  • 2 Opening Windows
  • Height at Front (Doors Panel) 2.00m (6'7")
  • Height at Rear Corner (Eaves) 1.80m (6')
  • Footprint - 1.80m (6ft) x 1.80m (6ft)

Each Building has a set of Double Doors and 2 Opening Windows. Glass Decoration with Lead Effect comes as standard and can be Diamond / Georgian / or Plain as required.


  1. Select your Chosen Cladding and your Price shown will change to reflect your choice
  2. Select your Chosen Flooring and your price will change to reflect your choice. Standard Floor is 12.6mm Finished ShipLap
  3. Select if you require Extra Height and your price will change to reflect your choice


You can then customize your building if you Select Accessories from the list below

Additional product information

Timber Type Standard 12.6mm Finished (Ex16x125) Shiplap
Flooring Type Standard
Extra Height No


Product Note Status Price
Morticed Lock Morticed Lock
£35.00 / unit(s) *
Toughened glass
£0.00 *
* Prices include VAT, plus delivery
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