Double Garage

Double Garage

Garden Pleasure Garages are designed to be a 'Cost-Efficient' way of achieving storage for your vehicle(s) etc whilst retaining the technical description of 'Timber Sectional Building'.

By its nature your Garage will come without a timber floor so you will need to ensure that a suitable base is available for the building to be erected upon. We can supply Base Plan Drawings for your required 'FOOTPRINT'.

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  • Frame Size 6.00m x 5.40m (20' x 18')

  • Eaves at 2.30m / Ridge at 3.10m (internally)
  • Two Sets Garage Doors to 2.44m (8ft) wide
  • One Single Pedestrian Door (30") complete with Morticed Lock
  • Requires a Base prepared to FootPrint 5.99m x 5.39m


£4,170.00 *
* Prices include VAT, plus delivery