COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

UPDATE 01/12/2020 - Our Display Area will re-open for customer appointments from tomorrow. Please call ahead as we will still only be able to allow one customer visit at any time.

UPDATE 01/12/2020 - Delivery Staff are now returning to work after the Lock-down. If you are expecting a delivery before Christmas we will be able to advise on our 'delayed' program shortly. Please call for an update 01384 440015

UPDATE 07/11/2020 - Please note that all Deliveries will continue to be conducted under Covid-Safe Rules whilst staff attend your property. You can expect a telephone update around 10 minutes prior to our arrival so that your route of access can be made available to the delivery team ONLY. You should let us know the exact intended location of your building in the garden and confirm from indoors that the building is correctly location before the main structure of the building is erected. On completion the Delivery Team will exit your garden and return to our vehicle in order for opportunity for a check to be made of the building prior to their departure.


UPDATE 05/11/2020 - Please  note that in line with Government Instructions our Retail Display Area is currently CLOSED as part of the National Lockdown.

Customers can still access the Website and Email enquiries and other information to us in the usual ways. Orders Placed on the website will be acknowledged with an Order Confirmation by email as usual.