Converted Shed or Workshop

Converted Shed or Workshop

This Option takes what is a Standard Garden Shed or Workshop and converts this into a Garden Office or Workshop complete with Full Lining and Insulating of the interior.

Certain Shed 'Extras' are recommended to create a base unit for use as a fully Lined and Insulated Functioning Room

  • Morticed Lock
  • Optional Opening Window(s) for ventilation

Once we have determined the content of the shell of the structure we can then move onto the components we add in creating a fully Lined and Insluated interior for the structure.

We cost this in 2 stages

Stage I

Those items which we need to include as we construct the shell of your building both here in our workshop and subsequently as we erect the shell of the building in your garden

This includes

  1. Breathable Felt Membrane to Walls between Frame and your chosen Outer Cladding
  2. Breathable Felt Membrane to the Roof beneath the Green Mineral Felting to the roof

Stage II

Those items which we will need to introduce to the interior of the building after the initial erection of the shell of the structure in your garden

  1. 30mm Polystyrene Sheeting to all Wall Voids betwwen Frame Uprights
  2. Second skin of Tongue and Grooved Standard ShipLap to Walls
  3. Second skin of Tongue and Grooved Standard ShipLap to Roof

Garden Pleasure recognise that interior works are generally quite expensive due to the fact that we only use the Tongue and Grooved materials which are used in constructing our buildings. Some customers may choose to take advantage of Stage I of this process and then 'take on' the Stage II process themselves using cheaper 'sheet materials'.

To achieve a full costing for your requirements it is suggested that you 

  1. Look through our Workshop Section to determine a requirement for the components needed within the Shell of your building, and then
  2. Approach one of our Sales Staff who can recommend alternatives and/or Cost your requirements to include full internal Stage II works

By All means call us at any stage of your project considerations for advice on 01384 440015.

Please also Bear in Mind our Buyers Guides